Friday, May 28, 2010

Party in the Intern House

The timing of our arrival was perfect. Although it was sad to say goodbye to Ala whom we had just met, the next night was a perfect opportunity for us to meet more of the interns staying in India at her despedida (going away party). There were so many people from all over! From Latin America, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia... even India. Not a single AIESEC Delhi person there though. That night I learned so many things about their year-, month-, week-long experiences working in India and with AIESEC Delhi. Too bad I didn’t use my camera that night. It would’ve been weird for the newbie taking pictures of everyone.

This much I learned about parties in India: THERE ARE NO PARTIES IN INDIA… at least late night house get togethers that could disrupt the evening peace. The local house manager tried breaking the party when people had just started coming in. A few hours later, he was getting very rude… especially to girls being bastos (thank god not to me!). A fight finally broke out that ended the party. Minutes later, he even had the nerve to stay as I found him eating our food in the kitchen. I just locked my room door and went to bed.

The night was great though. I met new friends. I hope to see them once I get back in Delhi after my mission.

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