Monday, January 14, 2013

By The Gods of All Things Ramen

I'm not much of a ramen lover (of noodles, actually), but boy did I love my ramen at Ramen Yushoken

Kazuo Yamagishi is agreed to be and known by most as the 'Ramen God' in Japan. I've actually never known anything on him until I heard about the newly-opened restaurant in Alabang. The ramen here is as authentic as is should be since everything, including their noodles, is made from scratch and is prepared strictly following Yamagishi's own techniques and recipes. 

The head chef, I believe, is one of the Ramen Chef Champions. It could even be Tashiro, the anointed son of the 80+ year old Ramen God. I'm not entirely sure, but regardless of who the chef is, this place has definitely given the Metro's south another reason to be visited. 

Photo: Kazuo Yamagishi, the Ramen God
from Ramen Yushoken via Facebook

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Color Manila Run: Kicking off 2013 with Fitness, Happiness and (a lot of) Colour!

Color Manila Run, a new concept run to craze the Metro, was one heck of a fun run. Hundreds, or maybe a thousand runners of all ages went through clouds of edible pink, blue, yellow, purple and green colours in waves of 3-5-10 kilometer routes this morning at the Fort. I went along with friends and had the most fun so far this year. I really cannot stress the word 'fun' enough because it was more of that than a workout really, at least for my friends and I who just walked (strolled and skipped) the whole stretch. 

I first learned about the concept last year when I stumbled upon this video of The Color Run (TM) on Youtube. I got so envious because it was on the other side of the Pacific! I wanted to join one so bad, and finally became so ecstatic when I found out about the first ever Color Manila Run independently organized by Proactive and KangaROOS. Here's the video that first got me envious and excited:


To be fair to the Color Manila Run, here's their awesome video, too:

It was definitely an awesome way to kick-off 2013. To share with you more of what happened, here are more photos: