Monday, July 29, 2013

Bucket List | Ilocos Norte, Philippines

... also known as the entry of things to do and the must see places in the northwestern-most province of Luzon and the Philippines.

If you're anything like me who looks for a little bit of everything in a given place, you'll be as much excited as I am to visit this lovely province in the northwestern-most part of the Philippines. From great food to great sights and stories; to being taken back to old worlds or seeing modern engineering marvels; getting pampered in a 5-star resort or staying in a remote white sand island beach under palm trees or getting lost in nature trails and san dunes; and, admiring nature's masterpieces formed through time. Oh, and the activities! I pray to god for waves to surf, and the time to surf sand as well. I'm getting so overwhelmed by all the possibilities to see and do.. not to say I'll be hitting all these places in one trip, but just the prospect of hitting any of these makes me all the more excited for what will be an awesome trip up north.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Travel Hacks You Ought to Know

photo via Pinterest

I love travel hacks. These are clever and efficient productivity tricks, shortcuts and skills to make any travel easier and lighter. Inspired by ( and well, mostly taken from) BuzzFeed and Real Simple. Here are some creative ideas made fun to help you keep your next trip easy breezy and hassle-free.