Friday, May 28, 2010

Greetings from India

My name is Roanna Medina, 23 yrs, and a Filipino student from Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU) in the Philippines. I am also a development trainee of AIESEC AdMU working on a rural development project called Vikaas with Sarvajanik Shikshonnayan Sansthan (SSS), a local NGO in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Together with 6 AIESEC trainees from 5 different countries, my objective with Vikaas is to be immersed and to conduct research in the rural communities of Uttar Pradesh for 4 weeks, and to create an action plan on the 5th for the fulfillment of sustainable programs towards the MDG of 2015.

The AIESEC team for Project Vikaas
America, Mexico
Daan, Holland
Khar Khee, Malaysia
Pasha, Slovakia
Roanna, Philippines
Tamara, Ukraine
Yi Ni, Malaysia

Traveling in one of the most backward states in the country where electricity is scarce, an added challenge for me is to account my whole experience in this blog to serve as a personal diary, and a report to my professor, friends and family back home in Manila.

India is an incredible place. Its culture and history are very rich and vibrant. There’s so much to explore. During my stay for about 5/6 months, I also will try as much as I can to see how Indian culture and language change per 10 kilometers, as they say.

As a traveler in India, AIESEC trainee and development researcher, I’ll try my best to share with you my experiences of AIESEC and Indian culture... some travel tips I learn from mistakes, personal favorite local spots, insights, etc. I’ve been here for 2 weeks now and I’ve picked up quite a few interesting things. I do hope to write as much as I can because this experience, being here in India, already is and is going to be more of one heck of an adventure!

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