Friday, May 28, 2010

On Traveling to India: Packing

Things I now know I should’ve and shouldn’t have brought:

1. An empty bag. I should’ve known better. I ALMOST brought my big empty duffel bag, but then decided to leave it last minute. Aggh! India’s a place where shopping is very easy and cheap. You can buy almost anything here. A bag is not one of those things I plan or need to buy. Guess now I have no choice.

2. Hangers and clothesline. Laundry shops are cheap as well, but it’s best to wash clothes yourself. I’ve been hand-washing my own ever since I got here. The heat makes your clothes dry quick like magic. Clotheslines are available, but most of the time are dirty. Your clothesline can be pretty handy for other things too - like securing your backpack when traveling, especially if traveling by bus/train.

3. Universal adapter. For charging purposes. Here, their sockets are for roundpins.

4. Handkerchiefs. I don’t use it, but it’s very hot! Facial tissues work, and I brought many. But you can hardly find facial tissues in stores here. My stash won't last me even a month.

5. Less clothes and underwear. Washing is very easy to do. I wash my clothes every other morning. Clothes dry really fast, too! (less than 2 hours for jeans under the heat). Moreover, when in India, dress as the Indians do. There are so many beautiful blouses, kurtas/punjabis and saris that are comfortable and light to wear.

6. Less books and notebooks. Aside from it adding a lot of weight to my luggage, books are VERY cheap here as well. I bought one on the philosophy of religion for only PHP 65! I still plan to go book hunting because India does have a lot of amazing authors and interesting subjects for books.

Useful things I’m thankful I brought:

1. Torchlight. For the many electricity outages.

2. Vitamins and diarrhea medicine. Lots and lots. :)

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