Sunday, January 6, 2013

Color Manila Run: Kicking off 2013 with Fitness, Happiness and (a lot of) Colour!

Color Manila Run, a new concept run to craze the Metro, was one heck of a fun run. Hundreds, or maybe a thousand runners of all ages went through clouds of edible pink, blue, yellow, purple and green colours in waves of 3-5-10 kilometer routes this morning at the Fort. I went along with friends and had the most fun so far this year. I really cannot stress the word 'fun' enough because it was more of that than a workout really, at least for my friends and I who just walked (strolled and skipped) the whole stretch. 

I first learned about the concept last year when I stumbled upon this video of The Color Run (TM) on Youtube. I got so envious because it was on the other side of the Pacific! I wanted to join one so bad, and finally became so ecstatic when I found out about the first ever Color Manila Run independently organized by Proactive and KangaROOS. Here's the video that first got me envious and excited:


To be fair to the Color Manila Run, here's their awesome video, too:

It was definitely an awesome way to kick-off 2013. To share with you more of what happened, here are more photos:

runners at dawn

There were designated colour stations spread out through the race; and each had persons throwing colour manually or by blower machines! 

yellow angel

People brought along their kids, grandkids, and even pets. There's was this cute little white dog that had sneakers on and ran along with its owner. It ended up covered in colour, too, of course! Too bad I couldn't take a photo... it was too damn cute! 

Apart from the designated colour-throwers and blower machines at the stations, there were buckets around that any runner could get handfuls of colour from. 

Then at the finish line, runners were given colour packets (of generous quantity) to throw up in the air, and at each other.

Our time's not one to be proud of, but hey, I didn't care at all. For this particular race at least, I was just really in it to have an awesome party. More than an hour running through the different colour stations and back was the most fun I've had so far this year, and was all worth forgoing the competitive and fitness aspects of this 'race' (plus, we still got our medals!) 

With a lot of concept runs sprouting everywhere, I'm not surprised at all that there's another of this sort happening already in 2 weeks. Learn more about the Live More Color Run 2013 in Nuvali, Laguna here. I won't be able to participate (I'll be elsewhere), but judging by the success of today's run alone, I'm sure there'll be more of this is in the near future, maybe even before the year ends.  


The original The Color Run (TM) is coming to the Philippines this year! (I knew it!) And, in 7 locations! Hmm.. I wonder which one I'll end up joining.

Find out more about it here.

This is exciting.

Color Manila Run 2013

Organized by:
PROACTIVE Event Management

January 6, 2013
Boniacio Global City
Metro Manila, Philippines

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