Thursday, June 10, 2010

Letters from home

All the other AIESEC interns are VERY envious of my LC's care package for me. AIESEC AdMU, you showed 'em who's best :)

Part of the package are letters from my friends and family back home. I read the first half on the plane from Singapore to Delhi last May 10. And, I was instructed to read the second half halfway through my internship with SSS - on June 12. Well, June 12's close to the end actually but sure, I'll wait till then.

This week was a bit boring though, so I might have read a few already. ;)). And my OC-ness acted up. I stuck the letters in the scrapbook also given to me by the AIESEC AdMU's OGX team. Woohoo!

THANK YOU AIESEC AdMU! Thank you Gab, Kat and to all my friends who wrote to me. I'll send my replies after the 12th. :)

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